What our clients have to say about CrossFit Houma:

Lisa and Leah list the benefits of Partner Personal Training at CrossFit Houma!

Collegiate Swimmer Elie on Personal Training 

Erin on CrossFit for military training

Cade talks fitness growth from CrossFit

Nancy on strength gains in the Senior Strength Club!


​"I joined CrossFit Houma 9 years ago and have never looked back. I have attained a strength and a fitness level I never thought I could achieve.  As a bonus I have also developed lifelong friendships with people that have the same common interests as myself.  I recommend CrossFit Houma to everybody regardless of age or fitness level." - Nicky Ellender, Physical Therapist (Owner of Back to Normal)


"I ABSOLUTELY love going to CrossFit Houma! They helped my achieve so many things that I thought I was unable to do.  I was taught the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with working out and eating properly!  Thanks for all the help and support!" - Jessica


"Very helpful trainers, always making sure you're performing the moves in a safe way! :) - Ivana


"What makes a CrossFit gym different from all the other ones is the head trainer.  Brian is an owner/operator who stresses technique to ensure you stay safe and don't risk being injured!  You still get the push and motivation but not at the expense of potentially getting hurt." - Matthew


"The gym is big and spacious and everyone is friendly.  The instructors are very knowledgeable about proper technique, and I've personally learned a ton from them.  I highly recommend this gym :) - Tegan


"I had a great time and learned a lot from Brian & Junko! Highly recommended for anyone interested in fitness or strength training.  The exercises are fun and varied every day so there is always something new to try.  There are people with many different levels of skill and fitness, from beginner to advanced, and the overall 'vibe' is friendly and encouraging." - Chuck


“ I'm over 40 and was apprehensive about exercise due to my chronic shoulder pain. After 6 months of training with CrossFit Houma, though, my shoulder pain was gone ... I definitely recommend it. - Pierre

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