Why Strength Training?

October 18, 2015


     When people ask what I do and I tell them that I own a gym, they often say "Oh, I need to get back in the gym, but I'm not looking to get strong."  This puzzles me: either they actually mean that they don't want to "get big" or "look like a bodybuilder" (2 comments that I also hear, but this meaning is obvious: they simply don't understand how long it takes, how many hours per day those bodybuilders spend lifting, basically a 2nd job, as opposed to the time that most gym-goers spend in their gym), or they don't value strength.

     This perceived lack of value is what puzzles me.  Who doesn't need strength?  The young athlete, or child bombarded with iPhones, video game consoles and long hours sitting stooped over at a desk?  Or perhaps the parent, tired at the end of the day and can't pick up his or her child without back pain (PROPER strength training gets RID of back pain)?  Most of all, though, what about our grandparents, for whom a fall can be life-changing (a broken limb or hip equivalent to the end of independent living, and strength improves balance, coordination and mobility), or literally deadly?

     There is NO major demographic for whom strength training will not improve health, fitness, and quality of life.  We all benefit from strength gains as every physical task becomes easier, whether we consider the task "athletic" or not.  Below is an article by Mark Rippetoe, a reknowned coach who understands and teaches strength.

     Enjoy it, and when you're done, give us a call (985.381.5231), and we'll help you and your loved ones get started.

Brian Ellender & the CrossFit Houma crew.


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