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Getting Started:

It's simple!  Click the link or call Brian at 985.381.5231, and we'll find 30 minutes on your calendar to come in, see the facility, assess your goals and current physical state, and then discuss our different programs.


Can I do this?
YES!  Our free, No-Sweat Intro session is designed to assess your level of preparedness for physical activity.  The next step, 6 personal training sessions (Foundations), starts you off with the basics: showing you where your feet go to squat correctly.  We teach people to do the proper Push-up FOR THE INDIVIDUAL, which may be on your toes, or may be standing up until you gain the upper body strength to progress to the next level. With the best technique and our experienced trainers as your guides, we can help you reach your goals: it just takes your decision and commitment to the program that you choose!
Isn't CrossFit super intense?
All phsyical activity carries an inherent risk of injury, as evidenced by golfer's and tennis elbow, as well as knee surgeries for runners and soccer players.  However, we should not stear clear of these activities (shall we all sit on the sofa and wait for heart disease?), but instead obtain proper instruction and practice them with common sense.  Our coaches will help you design the best training regimen for YOUR goals and situation AND guide you through it, day in, year out.  At CrossFit Houma our goal is helping you to create sustainable health and fitness; therefore, we have developed a comprehensive beginners course (Foundations), specifically to teach the proper way to lift, stretch, etc., so that you are not only safe in the gym, but safer OUTSIDE of the gym for having trained with us.
Do I have to to take a beginners course?  I'm already fit!
In order to create an environment of sustainable health and fitness, we have studied with some of the best coaches in the strength and body movement world, and work hard to stay on top of the movement and lifting techniques that will advance your knowledge of how to move and lift, even if you've already been active for years.  The beginners' course also allows us to assess your body's movement abilities and limitations.  As such, we provide INDIVIDUALIZED feedback for you to advance efficiently and safely in your pursuit of fitness (No one gets fit sitting at home injured!).
Finally, for those choosing the CrossFit program, we are teaching the language and methods that we use in the classes, making your transition into the regular classes as smooth as possible.  This allows you to focus on your fitness from day one, and not have to try to decipher what we have written on the workout whiteboard.  The knowledge gained here will boost your fitness pursuit for life!
I have done CrossFit for years and/or have lifted on a competitive team: do I need to take the beginners course?
We do offer an assessment for those who have lifted on teams in the past (power or Olympic lifting), as well as those transferring from another CrossFit facility.  Based on how you perform, you can qualify to join our regular classes.
​Why should I choose CrossFit Houma as my gym?
Owners Junko and Brian have over 15 years experience with CrossFit, learning CrossFit from its founder/creator, Greg Glassman, and original coaches, and as the first CrossFit gym in Louisiana, we have over 12 years experience teaching CrossFit to people ages 5-92, men and women, people trying to lose or gain weight, people training to join the military, new mothers, high school and collegiate athletes, and people training to have stronger bones and not hurt when they get up out of bed in the morning. 
***LADIES: many of our female trainers trained before, during, and after their pregnancies, and therefore understand these situations firsthand.
Do you offer family and/or military/first responder or oil field discounts?
Yes, indeed!  We are a family business, and love to encourage couples and families to work out together.  As such, we offer discounts for parents and kids under 21, married couples and families (3 or more).  Discounts are also offered for current first responders or those serving in the military, as well as those who work offshore for multiple days per month.


Tel: 985.381.5231

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